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“When we accept the true nature of the horse, we can understand the motivation behind his behaviour. It is easy to label a horse as ‘stubborn’ or ‘difficult’ instead of ‘afraid’ or ‘unsure’. When we understand why the horse is behaving in a particular way, we can see what he is trying to say about his situation.”

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Horse Training the Think Like a Pony Way

Whether you have a perfectly behaved horse or pony and would like to help them to excel to the next stages of training or you are lost and confused with challenging behaviour, Lynn Henry’s unique training and backing programme could help you.

If you are facing challenging behaviour, it is important to remember that the horse is trying to communicate through its actions. The more that you listen and observe, the deeper your understanding of the horse will be.

The training experience with Lynn Henry is unique for horse and owner. The owner is encouraged to remain involved in the process. The owner is involved at every stage through one-to-one sessions with Lynn and their horse and the upmost care is taken to ensure that owners are empowered to continue the horse or pony’s training at home.

By better understanding their horses' behaviour, owners are empowered to be part of the training process and to help their ponies to become more confident, better behaved and more willing partners.

Lynn trains horses of all ages, ability and stature. Lynn is particularly well respected for her unique ‘natural pony training’ programmes. If you are looking for a way to help your family pony to become a happy and willing partner in everything you do together, get in touch to find out more.

“Twizzle and I arrived at Lynn’s as horse and owner and left 6 weeks later as a team. Before I met Lynn, I couldn’t imagine a time where I wouldn’t be nervous around my big, bouncy filly Twizzle but in a short space of time at Lynn’s, I could no longer imagine being without her.

Lynn and her team helped me to develop the skills to build a very special relationship through confident leadership and therapeutic groundwork and massage.

There were so many highlights during our time at Lynn’s but the most memorable was the 1st time I rode Twizzle in Lynn’s arena. Magic! Never did I think the backing process could be so stress free and enjoyable!”

Debbie Radage

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